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Intelligent universal circuit breaker

CW3X-1600 is the first domestic innovation launched by Changshu Switch Manufacturing Co., Ltd., integrating the development experience of universal circuit breakers and molded case circuit breakers The high breaking and current limiting universal circuit breaker has small size, high breaking capacity, rich functions, and complete protection, and its performance indicators have reached international standards Advance to the horizontal. The combination of the current limiting CW3X-1600 and the lower level CM5 molded case circuit breaker meets the complete selectivity requirements of Appendix A of GB14048.2. CW3X-1600 is suitable for various low-voltage distribution fields, which can not only protect circuits, but also achieve protection for equipment such as motors and generators Protection. The product can be applied to new energy fields such as high-capacity transformer branch circuits, load centralized control, long cable power supply, and photovoltaic power generation Merge.

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