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Intelligent universal circuit breaker

The CW3R enhanced universal circuit breaker is a new type of circuit breaker developed by Changshu Switch Manufacturing Co., Ltd. with leading research and development technology. The product has Small size, high breaking capacity, multifunctional, and long service life. CW3R is suitable for general distribution systems, new energy generation and distribution systems, multi power distribution networks, inverters, and distributed power rotating motors Operation and protection of power grid connection. CW3R meets both the circuit breaker standard GB/T14048.2- Class B usage category and the contactor standard GB/T14048.4- AC- 3 types of usage categories: 1. Passed 50 rated making and breaking capacity tests (10 times 1000A making and 8 times 1000A breaking) under AC690V full voltage. 2. Passed 6000 agreed operating performance tests (2 times 1000A making and 2 times 1000A breaking) under AC690V full voltage

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