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Intelligent universal circuit breaker

Changshu Switch Manufacturing Co., Ltd. According to national standards GB/T14048.2 requires the launch of a new generation of intelligent universal disconnectors CW2 series of circuit breakers. The design of this series of products is user-friendly and easy to use Convenient, with features such as full intelligence, high breaking, zero flashover, and isolation Point has shaped a new image of the new generation of circuit breakers. CW2 series Intelligent universal circuit breakers (hereinafter referred to as circuit breakers) are suitable for AC 50Hz/60Hz, rated working voltage 400V, 690V, rated In distribution networks with a current of 6300A and below, used to distribute electrical energy and Protect circuits and equipment from overload, short circuit, undervoltage, and grounding Hazards such as malfunctions. The circuit breaker adopts precise selective protection And multifunctional intelligent controller, especially suitable for improving power supply Electrical reliability, avoiding unnecessary power outages in distribution networks.

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